Pike Place Market: Seattle, WA


Seattle, Washington was always a destination on my “must-see” list, but it wasn’t until one of my dearest friends, Heather, moved out there that I was given the ‘ole push. The trip, which was nearly a year ago, began with 3 best friends from the Midwest jumping on a plane to Seattle to visit the fourth chick that flew the coop. It resulted in endless amounts of love, laughter, drinks & food, all of which are staples in the gatherings of my best friends.


One of our afternoons was spent at Pike Place Market. An incredible spot I’d only heard about, but longed to visit. The Open Air Market was as colorful and full of life as I would have dreamed. From the freshest produce and cheeses, to incredible seafood and picture perfect flowers. There was warm baked bread, flavored pastas, olive oil, vinegar, literally anything you could eat or drink and even jewelry, purses and clothing to boot! Street musicians lined every corner and everyone seemed genuinely happy to be there. I found myself in awe of the colors and the space, perhaps in a daze between the pleasant bustle, incredible smells and joyful conversation.


The four of us picked out a fresh baguette, a few cups of unbelievable clam chowder and ingredients for our big friendly feast later in the night. When it was time to leave the market we marched right down to the water, gazed out to sea and ate. With every bite uttering an “mmm”, “ahhh”, “ohmygoodness” or my personal favorite exclaimer with its true expression of the sentiment, “yumma-lumma-ding-dong.”P2180499

Pike Place Market is 100 years in the making and it all began with Seattle City Council member Thomas Revelle’s ordinance to create a public farmers market in 1907.  I’m in awe of Seattle’s commitment to the fresh local food community. Its remarkable that this city has understood the importance of healthy fresh food and made it available to their residents for over 100 years, while other states and communities are just now catching on.


If you’re visiting Seattle for a week, a day or simply a few hours,  you need to make a stop at Pike Place. Simply, its a feast for your eyes and for your belly. Well, your nose too… okay, a Feast for the Senses. The Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA) makes it easy to learn more, find your way, or meet the farmers who make up the market on their top notch website. The Pike Place Market PDA is a non-profit created in 1973 by the city of Seattle to manage the market in addition to the nine-acre parcel and properties which make up the Historic Market District.


Their mission is to “preserve, rehabilitate and protect the Market’s buildings; increase opportunities for farm and food retailing; incubate and support small and marginal businesses; and provide services for low-income people.” This hub of activity that Pike Place creates is an incredible example of community and I love that just like our table at home, everyone gathers together around food.



Peace, Love & Chowder



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