BLTs and Carrot Apple Slaw



After a long work day, I dream of the word simple. A dish with few ingredients and one that takes only minutes to prepare. Dinner, in this case, was a gathering of laid-back ladies; Myself, my boyfriends mother Susan and her dear friend Tracey. We spent the late afternoon drinking red wine and discussing how to make a new house into a new home. Both Tracey and I are recent new homeowners and thus the topics of discussion ranged from paint colors and shag carpets to our love of woodstoves.


By the time the three of us finally realized we were hungry (blinded by the warmth of a few bottles of red) it was a relief to know that little preparation lay ahead of us. Simply, a light crisp slaw and a classic BLT.


Carrot Apple Slaw


2 apples, shredded

3 medium carrots, shredded

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

3 tbsp mayo

1 tsp celery seed

2 tbsp honey

Combine ingredients and toss! (Simple!)


Even though I love spending time in the kitchen, dinner doesn’t need to take a lot of time or an excessive number of steps to prepare.  Simple recipes like this are go-to’s for weeknight dinners and regardless of the minimal time it takes to make them they are still PACKED with delicious flavors.

Dinner can absolutely be leisurely, just relax and dine simply.




7 thoughts on “BLTs and Carrot Apple Slaw

  1. This looks so simple and delicious! A question for you, we don’t buy mayo, do you think sour cream would make a good substitute?

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