Grow Benzie Farm Party 2013: Benzonia, MI


Grow Benzie is a unique organization and community green space with an integrative approach to the well-being and quality of life for the county residents.  Today, it serves as a model for other communities intending to foster growth in regional economic development, while promoting agriculture and tourism in the area.


Essentially this community farmstead has developed programming that recognizes the local food system as a tool to address poverty and the overall health and well-being of the residents of Benzie County. Improved education and an emphasis on nutrition are incredible personal investments and Grow Benzie notes that these both have a strong impact on a family income as well.


Every year since its inception, Grow Benzie throws a “Farm Party” event packed with incredible local food, drinks and music.

“Wait a second, a Farm Party?” I know, my thoughts exactly… the combination of farm meets party was just WAY too much fun for me to pass up.


The Joshua Davis Band

I was so thrilled to be in attendance at this year’s Farm Party and throughout the evening my camera and I explored the grounds with plenty of encouragement to do so.  From the thriving community greenhouses, to sneaking a peak at the rent-able commercial kitchen space I was floored by the energy and simply bursting with excitement that a place like this exists, let alone an hour from my home.


The Farm Party is a great excuse for the public to visit and become familiar with Grow Benzie, if they aren’t already. Attendees can also help to continue the growth of this project through fundraising and live auction items that are announced throughout the evening. In fact, at this year’s 4th annual event, the generous donations made throughout the night allowed for Grow Benzie to accept a matching pledge made by an anonymous donor, doubling the money raised!


For more information about Grow Benzie and the incredible opportunities they provide for the local community visit them on facebook, their website, or better yet in person!

Grow Benzie, Grow YOUR Community.




The ‘Lord of the Gourd’ Pat Harison, with his incredible carvings from the evening


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