In the Garden: Early August 2013


You may remember the state of my backyard merely a few months ago, but today if you visited us you’d feel as if you were in an entirely different place. The garden is thriving and the backyard is filled with green plants and maturing fruits (and loads of mulberries!)


When we purchased the property last October I knew that I had big dreams for my backyard garden. To get there, we had to start from scratch and clear the canvas. Today, with our three raised beds in place we have laid the foundation for the garden of my dreams. The great thing about this beautiful backyard garden of ours is that its already taught me many lessons. Sure, each year of growing teaches me more about the earth, the plants, the pests, the harvest, but it also teaches me lessons about life… I suppose it’s a rather ‘wise’ garden.


I have these ideas (BIG ideas) for my backyard. You see, I’m a dreamer and a doer, but often times I dream so big, that the thought of actually finding the time to do it all seems like too much. Here’s the thing, the lesson my  garden has taught me.

“Dream Big, in fact, Dream REALLY BIG because anything is possible, but realize that the ‘doing’ takes time and it won’t all happen at once.” – The Wise Garden

My dreams for this garden are beautiful and though those dreams haven’t all made it to completion, today the garden is still just as beautiful because this..right here, right now.. is the journey, I’m walking the path and I’m well on my way.


Patience is a truly valuable quality and a lesson that both my wise garden and this first year of home ownership have taught me. I’m excited of the change to come, rather than frustrated by the ideas that have not come to fruition. They will, and every day I’ll work toward them, but each day I’ll also give myself a pat on the back and thank the sun and the stars for all the blessings and the bountiful harvesting I’m able to enjoy.


I encourage you to dream BIG, and have the patience to enjoy the journey.




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