New Season, New Beginnings


A photo captured of me by one of our customers at the Sara Hardy Farmers Market

I’ve been really busy lately. Not just my normal busy: from the full-time job to managing the local farmers markets, and the average day to day necessities. But now I’m really busy. Busy spending my time doing MORE of something I love. Over the past month I’ve been working with Michigan Land Use Institute as the Intern for their “Taste the Local Difference” (TLD) program. A program with the mission, to sell more local food.


A few of my new coworkers at the Michigan Land Use Institute (MLUI) Photo by: Bill Palladino

One of the duties I’ve taken on, has me roaming around locally to various farms taking photos for the TLD App. This App allows you to find farmers, retailers & restaurants in the region by product and location. It is my job to fill the app with more and more photos representing the vast array of local food we (thankfully!) have great access to. If you live here or visit Northwest Michigan at all you should absolutely download the free App. From restaurants to wineries and roadside stands, you’ll be able to use your location to find something nearby or locate a must-see destination.


In addition to photography, I’ve been working on data collection, helping to market local food at our grocery retailers and writing for our biweekly newsletter. My first post was published this week; all about the season change thats on the horizon and what that means for farmers, farm markets, and local consumers.


I’m so excited to be a part of this organization and dig deeper into local foods & farms. The more I’m able to do, the more excited I am to do more and though I’m busier than I’ve ever been, I’ve never felt more on track than I do today.

Make the effort to taste the local difference.. wherever you may be.




3 thoughts on “New Season, New Beginnings

    • Thank you Haley!! I couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come. So many congratulations to you and Kyle. You looked absolutely stunning, and Heather told me all about the plans she had for your honeymoon, holy smokes!! I can’t wait to see more pictures :) xo

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