Gallagher’s Farm Market: Traverse City, MI


This time of year I have a hard time saying “NO” to pumpkin-anything. It starts with the first gust of a clean, brisk fall wind where I fall prey to the first pumpkin spice latte of the season. I’m not a big fan of sweet flavors in my coffee. I like it bold, black and in a ceramic mug. But again, with pumpkin, its a different story and I can’t say no.


With that in mind, a couple of weeks ago I travelled up M-72 to Gallagher’s Farm Market. With a mission to pick out the perfect pumpkin and get my hands on the freshly-made, incredibly-delicious pumpkin doughnuts I had heard about. Even with my undeniable cravings, I didn’t run straight for the the fryer, but rather remarked on the beautiful fall day and took my time to pick the perfect pumpkin first.

photo 1

Some years the “perfect pumpkin” means the largest or the tallest or the goofiest or the tiniest. Its always different and just depends on what “the perfect pumpkin” means to me that year. This time, it was a flat bottomed pumpkin with one perfect-side and the other-side worn, flat and browning. I would guess, that the browning side was just the side of the pumpkin that lay face-down while it grew, but any way I loved its “imperfect” sides and took it home.


Gallagher’s Farm Market is beautiful, and on a fall day like this I couldn’t help but feel like today was Gallagher’s at its prime. The colors were changing, the air was crisp, children were running around; I had come on a mission for the perfect pumpkin, and had found it. It was time, my subconscious mind (okay, maybe my stomach) kept reminding me…pumpkin doughnuts.

photo 2

They were delicious. Fresh pumpkin doughnuts from Gallagher’s Farm Market are on an entirely different scale than the (dry flavorless) doughnuts you can find in supermarkets. One of them should be called by a different name. Fresh pumpkin doughnuts should be called something like… “Go-nuts?” or  “Autumn O’s?”… I don’t know, a word that emits how delicious they are, and the mass quantities you are bound to consume. Regardless, I bought six and consumed two immediately on the 10 minute drive home.


After Halloween, my pumpkin cravings begin to subside and it becomes less addiction and more on occasion. Thankfully I’ve gotten my fill this season and have Gallagher’s Farm Market, among many, to thank for that.

Wishing you sweet & ghoulish Halloween night.




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