Thanksgiving Dreams

Today I’m driving six hours away from Traverse City to the suburbs of Chicago (where I grew up) for a long weekend with my family. A celebration for the upcoming holiday and a chance to spend some extra quality time with people dear to me. Thanksgiving is so enjoyable for me in large part due to all the family I get to reconnect with, but lets be honest its definitely got something to do with the food as well. My family has requested a repeat of the delicious squash & feta savory muffins I made last year, but I’ll be spending my long drive finalizing plans for another side dish, just in time for the big feast.

Here’s a few thanksgiving dreams I’ve been having lately thanks to the visual temptations of some fellow bloggers, and I’ve also dropped in a few dishes I’ve made (and loved!) in years past. Just incase you’re still looking for a side dish for your own feast.



Growth by the Season


growth by the season


Happy Thanksgiving to you! I recommend a healthy dose of food, drink, friends & family.





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