The food we eat grows strong and fruitful from the vibrancy of this earth we live on. It’s humbling to think of the nutrients the world showers on us, and yet the ease with which we regard this gift as normal, everyday, and everlasting. To work with the earth, dig your hands in the soil, feel the sun on your neck, see the fruits of your labor; simply, to grow is an incredible feat. The relationship of growers to the land is reciprocal, it’s symbiotic, it’s grateful.

If your thumb tends to blacken rather than green or your passions lie elsewhere, I encourage you to get to know the growers around you. Your food may pop up from the ground, but it certainly doesn’t pop out of thin air. Your local growers are eager to meet you and to share with you their story and their freshest crops. They are great teachers, knowing the subjects they yield better than most. A connection should exist between grower and consumer because a man given life from the nutrients he consumes should be aware of all he takes in and with whom he might share his gratitude.

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